A quick description of the different types of golf equipment

To know more about golf, players should be able to identify the different kinds of golf equipment. Here is a list to help the players be aware of the equipment available for them.

Golf Balls

This is the most basic golf equipment. These are the small balls covered in dimples being hit around the course. It is often white so it could be more visible, though it is available in a range of colors. Each golf ball is required to pass the test of approval set by the ruling authorities of golf, before it can be used in games.

Golf Balls

The basic type of golf ball is the recreational balls. These are often used for casual games and by amateur and regular players. Another type of golf ball is the advanced ball. This version is used by professional players and in official games. On the other hand, there are golf balls made for beginners so that they could practice their swings and get a general feel of hitting the ball. The ball used for this situation is called the practice ball or the range ball.

Golf Clubs

This is the golf equipment used to strike the ball around the course. There are different types of golf clubs according to their capable resulting ball flights. This is why golf players should not use only a single golf club during a game. He should try the different types of clubs and see which ones work best for him. He should then prepare his own set of club mix. It should be noted that he can bring only a maximum of 14 clubs in a game. The different clubs are Woods, Irons, Hybrids, and Putters.

Golf Tees

This is the small spike often seen in the initial part of the game. It holds the ball above the ground so that the player would have a better shot of the ball. It also prevents the ball from rolling. It can only be used at the very start of the game. There are different tees available. To know which tees are the best, a player should pair a golf tee with the golf club he’d use at the start.

Golf Ball Marker

The basic rule of golf is to hit the ball until it ends up inside the hole. Touching and picking up the ball is strictly forbidden. However, there are instances where a player should pick up his ball and move it temporarily. An example is when the golf ball is lying directly on the putting line of the opponent. In these cases, he should use a golf ball marker to mark the spot the ball initially lays.

A golf bag

Golf bagBecause a golf player would end up bringing a number of clubs and more than one golf ball, he should have storage for all his golf equipment while he travels around the golf course. It is best for him to invest in a golf bag. These bags are designed to carry 14 golf clubs at the same time. There are also a number of compartments found at the side of the bag for storage of other equipment.

Club Head Covers

With the limited space inside the golf bag, the clubs would end up hitting each other, thereby causing scratches. A player should therefore use club head covers as to prevent the clubs from being damaged by the collisions inside the bag.

Golf Cart

This is a piece of golf equipment that should be best left rented rather than bought. It is a vehicle allowed inside the golf course that helps the players get around with ease.

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