Growing with the Monday reading club

Have you an active imagination and are looking for a good site where you can read, share, discuss, contribute, grow as a reader, and expand your world (real or imagined)? Are you searching for a place where you can give free reign to your imagination or live the experiences of others and delight in it?


Then is the site for you.

We are a community of readers who find excitement in the world the words create and love to share these worlds with like-minded individuals like you. We love books. We know printed words open doors of discoveries, so we are open to a variety of books and literature. We are curious and adventurous. We are busy, but we take the time to read when we can.We differ in interpretations, but we discuss and enrich each other with the sharing. We make connections with the world we read and the world we live. We connect with you.

Your reading concerns

We know you are busy and long for a time when you can lose yourself in your book. You love the people around you, but there are times when you wish they would leave you alone so you could read uninterrupted for a couple or more hours.

You join an in-person book club and regret the time you spent listening to domestic chatters instead. Or, you find yourself discussing a book or a story before blank faces of members who never saw a print of what you are talking about.

So, you turn to your circle of friends. But, not all of your friends share the same enthusiasm and imagination as you do. And all the while, there is this urge in you to share the world you just discovered after finishing a book.

There are other people like you out there who are searching for an opportunity to share what they have read and agree with or question your interpretation. Your reading concerns are not unique but shared by many. We know the number of readers searching for other readers are growing.

It is for readers like you that was conceived and created to provide a venue for you to share, discuss, dialog, and get a glimpse of the imagination of others. response

We believe that reading is a great deal to people, or should be a great deal to people. Reading makes life more interesting and enriching, especially if stories are shared with others. Whether you have been reading for most of your life or just starting to discover the wonder of reading, you will worth your time.

Making it worth your time means having a bookshelf with a wide range of choice in both fiction and non-fiction books. Recognizing the growing interest in DIY books, we include a collection of these books which deal with food, beauty and fashion, health, home repairs and remodeling, to name a few.

Our forums give you the opportunity to chat with other readers, share your ideas, discuss your interpretations, ask questions on specific passages, and generally connect with like-minded individuals online.
We provide reviews for books on the shelf,making it easy for you to choose a book to read. We also invite you to write a review on a book you have finished reading.

You can upload a book you have read and which is not on our bookshelf, provided it is within the guidelines of This way you contribute to the growth, not only of our book collection, but to our community of readers who benefit from the book(s) you share.

Growing with

We care about you and aim to satisfy your needs and inspire you as an avid reader. We also recognize that other concerns could hinder you from getting actively involved with your reading activities.

We therefore select a book each Monday for you to read at your convenient time and join forums when you are free. A list of featured books is displayed for you to browse and access.

We offer guides to help you develop a reading habit for a busy person or for a beginner in the reading circle.For starters, we can help you:

• Develop or improve your reading skills
• Guide to make reading a habit
• How to make reading a lifetime habit.
• Develop a better understanding of what you read
• How to get interested in a wider range of literature
• How to connect with people through a reading blog

These are but few of the topics we offer for your growth and reading enjoyment. As we get feedback from you and from our community of readers, we become aware of what our readers need and provide tips and guides that would address these concerns.

Be one of our community of readers

Having an active imagination benefits you in ways you may not know. Reading provides the means to activate your imagination and sharing it with others opens doors to the world of imagination of other readers. This active imagination is what makes reading akin to the joy one feels in discovering something new.

Join our community of readers and experience a whole new way of reading which is informative and life-enriching. Be curious and adventurous in reading and in connecting with like-minded individuals in our community. Share, question, comment and let us hear from you. We value your views and will give you what you want.

Joining is easy. Simply register and be on our mailing list. We will send you updates on books, new topics on reading guide, and featured books which might interest you.

The whole community of welcomes you and look forward to your first reading experience.