Do you know that everything you read is information that may not appear useful at the time of reading, but which could prove valuable in some future time?

Reading has many benefits which a few avid readers know.  Unfortunately, the benefits of reading are taken for granted by many, thereby forfeiting a personal and life-enriching opportunity. is the right venue for you to experience the benefits of a reading habit and widen your world, real or imagined, by stepping beyond your comfort zone and dare to explore the world of print.

We are a community of readers who love to express and exchange views about a book read.We find joy in sharing insights and ideas about a book and literature. We welcome discussions on possibilities of different interpretations, and ask questions to clarify understanding of book passages.  We value what we discover in books of different types, knowing everything we read is information that feeds our minds and imagination.

We are a community of readers who connect with each other through reading, enriching each other in the process.  We are avid readers who dare to step beyond our comfort zones and into the world of authors of different genre.

The Obstacles

Reading is a skill which grows by reading more.  The more you read, the better your reading skill hones.  But, there are obstacles that hinder you from enjoying the world of imagination offered by each book we read.

You were once a member of an in-person reading group and you got frustrated not being able to discuss a book.  The discussion turned into arguments or gets dominated by one person.  The session turned into senseless babble (for you, at least) you cannot wait for the session to end.  Or, you find out that members went through half way of the book or not at all.  These in-person reading group experience is enough to put an end to your desire to join reading groups.

You get comfortable reading abook category and gets fixated on it, refusing to explore another in a different genre.  You end up getting familiar with romance book only (or one other category), missing the excitement of adventure and suspense books.

Not only will you be dealing with problem members, but you have to travel a distance to be with your reading group.  And if your reading group does not provide enough motivation for you to join, travelling becomes a bother.  And, life has many concerns that keep you busy.  Your schedule might not fit in with the schedule of your reading group which poses another problem.

The Solution

Joining a reading club does a lot to your personal, social, and professional life.  Reading makes your life more interesting through changes which occur within you.

  • Reading keeps your brain and imagination active. By reading, you activate your imagination and opens doors to unknown possibilities which you could use at a future time.  Who knows, you can become creative and be successful in your endeavor using stored information from your readings.
  • Reading a book is entertaining and whiles away your time.
  • You improve your focus and concentration.
  • You build on your vocabulary

There are a lot more you get out of reading.  Knowing that reader, whether active or just beginning, face many obstacles and are missing out on the benefits you get out of reading is the reason for the birth of  We make  your concern our concern.

What People Say about

“I’ve had frustrations reading my favorite books, but ever since I stumbled upon this blog, my literary pursuits became much more enjoyable. I finally get to finish reading even the newest publications, and that means I get to rethink about some parts that I’ve read, making it easier to understand books more.”

– – Lindsey

“I have been looking for a good reading-habit blog and I’m glad I found this website. It has everything I need, from the usual techniques to advanced methods. I can now complete entire books, and that’s saying something. I used to give up on even the most engaging reads halfway, mainly due to my poor reading habit.”


“I don’t really have a bad reading habit, but I know I could improve myself further. With the tips given on this blog, I managed to finish more books and most importantly, I understand every bit of what I have read. That’s right, speed is not the only thing that matters when it comes to reading – and I realized that with the help of”

– Perry

“My friends always joked about my reading habits, which ins’t so surprising given that I have entire shelves of unread works. Well, thanks to this website, I’ve finally decided to buy another shelf – it’s going to be my already-read shelf since I’m finishing more and more books as the days pass.”

– Sasha

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