Types of Keynote Speakers: Find One That Matches Your Event

motivational speaker The main role of  keynote speakers is to get the stage ready for the rest of the event and gather people with the same goal. They must focus on the core of the event and emphasize it to the audience. To do this, the speaker must be willing to take some time to do a research about the organization, its issues, and its audience. When the necessary research is completed, the speaker can create a unique speech just for that specific occasion.

A Keynote speaker needs to have a positive effect on the audience for the whole program and even after the event has ended. He can use humor, show entertaining videos, or let the audience participate. It does not matter how the speaker talks as long as he’s able to include the keynote message into his speech in an entertaining and unforgettable way. So, when looking for a speaker for an event, the organizers must be careful.
In general, keynote speakers can be categorized through the following:

• Motivational Speakers

The most common type of presenter asked to make a keynote speech is a motivational speaker. Motivational speakers aim to inspire or motivate their listeners. Different organizations hire motivational speakers to talk about their plans with clarity, to encourage employees to be optimistic, and to inspire them to always work as a team.

Motivational speakers are likely to be famous for having accomplished something, such as establishing a well-known business, beating the odds in some way, or being an acclaimed author. In fact, being a published author is often reason enough to be a motivational speaker. Many of those who deliver keynotes either have recently written a book or have a training course that they want to promote.

• Industry Expert

This type of speaker is much less often hired compared to motivational speakers. It is not because they have weaknesses in their speaking abilities; it’s primarily due to the fact that they’re more skilled in offering practical solutions and suggestions instead of providing inspiration. An industry speaker goes against the main goal of a keynote and is normally just asked to speak about a topic during the event.

• Internal Speakers

A lot of organizers for corporate events believe it is necessary to have high-ranking executives as keynote speakers. However, this is not always a good thing to do. Actually, it is just appropriate to have someone from higher management to speak during the program, but perhaps as the last speaker, so the staff would leave with a supporting theme. The content of their speech would probably serve the organization rather than set the emotional direction or the mood for the event.

• The Customizer

motivational speakersThis is an uncommon type of keynote speaker, but it is arguably the best one. The customizers will determine what the organizers want from the sales meeting or event. Then, they would create a speech specifically for that purpose. Most likely, they will demonstrate their speech with examples and personal stories, but the messages would be focused on the main objective of the event.

• Celebrity Speakers

The event may also involve celebrities such as actors, models, comedians, and sports personalities. While these people are not really the best to give a keynote speech, they’re surely suitable as an after-party speaker.
To have a successful event, the organizers need to be clear with the results that they want. Once that is settled, they can choose a keynote speaker who is capable of moving the audience towards that purpose. By recognizing the types of keynote speakers, it is possible to know if a speaker’s approach does indeed match the organization’s objectives.


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